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Are you looking for professional bookkeeping services in Wakefield? Contact our specialist team for bookkeeping in West Yorkshire.

Bookkeeping is an activity which can be done either through handwriting on cash books, using Excel spreadsheets or even using a preferred software. There has also been research on how data can be downloaded to HMRC when the implementation of Making Tax Digital will kick off and its ability to offer the service as required. 


Accurate bookkeeping is key for the good performance of a business; its essential to help analyse the year's performance. It's also vital to help gather the most tax relief available and for VAT purposes to help categorise expenditure.  

Our team is well trained on all aspects of bookkeeping and it can make immense difference for that business. Our team is approachable, on the client’s side and flexible; business owners can have maximum peace of mind knowing that their incomes and expenditures are accurately recorded.

Bookkeeping can be such a time-consuming and daunting task; especially at times when your main focus is to run the business. Outsourcing the activity of bookkeeping can help the owners of various businesses focus more on the business.  

Our bookkeeping service will help you answer questions like;

  • How much profit did you make?
  • Who owes you money?
  • How much VAT do you owe?

R A Lister Ltd offers a reliable service to clients in and around Wakefield and West Yorkshire. We strive to make sure that high quality and consistent work is delivered always. The client relation our team creates aids the owner of the business in making sound decisions on their business.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing bookkeeping and payroll activities is common; especially with businesses who know its importance. It relieves you of tedious administration work, hence giving the owner time to concentrate on running and growing the business. Outsourcing as well will save time and money which could have been directed to in-house staff.

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What do bookkeeping services include?

When you pay for a bookkeeping service, you are actually getting a variety of services rolled into one. These services include three distinct roles that help to ensure maximum efficiency and financial safety in your business. 

The first of these roles is that of the accounting software specialist. This is the individual responsible for the operation and maintenance of your business-specific accounting software. This software is where all of the necessary accounting data for your business is stored and where all of the reports you will need will be sent from. 

The next role is the full-charge bookkeeper. They are responsible for the typical bookkeeping services and a number of other accountancy services such as payroll, monthly reports, and bank statements for any audits you may receive.

The final role is the controller. They are responsible for taking what the bookkeeper does and acting upon it to ensure the reports and statements integrity and offer any actionable advice or criticism that may improve the cash flow of your business. 

How A Bookkeeping Service Benefits Your Business

Whenever you are building something, be it a business or a building, it is imperative that you start with a strong foundation. If something has a weak foundation, it is all the more likely to fail when it is fully built. 

Bookkeeping services are the most effective measure you can employ to give your business a solid financial foundation to ensure you don't fall into any significant pitfalls later on down the line. 

Not only that but having a bookkeeping service will help the business overall run more efficiently and may even provide insights on how to utilize your resources to reap more profits more effectively. 


What Bookkeepers Do For Small Businesses

You might be thinking that surely bookkeepers cant be all that great or necessary? How exactly could they achieve all of the things you said? 

These are the methods bookkeepers will use to ensure the financial foundation of your business:

By accurately recording all daily transactions using specialized software, they save you time and effort by sparing you from manual data entry. 

By maintaining accurate records of your business transactions, a bookkeeper is in the best position to identify any suspicious activity and bring it to your attention or fix it themselves. 

Business law is a minefield of potential audits and fines for inexperienced business owners. Luckily for you, bookkeepers have the know-how to navigate said minefield successfully. 

Being prepared for anything is the best way to avoid unwanted surprises, and there are few less wanted than a tax deadline that slipped under your notice. A bookkeeper will ensure that your business is ready for tax deadlines at all times to avoid any potential fines. 

Bookkeepers keep an eye on the transaction feed between your business and the bank. 

Bookkeepers typically perform the task of actually paying things from your business accounts, such as suppliers and other expenses.

Incidentally, bookkeepers also handle the reverse side of the accounts payable in the form of the accounts receivable. They will write invoices to customers and ensure they get paid on time.

Financial statements are a handy little summary of your business's in and outgoings that make decision-making on a larger scale more manageable. It is the bookkeeper's job to prepare these statements and ensure their accuracy.

If your business is small enough, then bookkeepers can take over handling payroll duties as well.

Should your company have international business, a bookkeeper can handle currency conversion rates for any foreign currency you are paid and vice versa.

Should your company have international business, a bookkeeper can handle currency conversion rates for any foreign currency you are paid and vice versa.

Similarly to having a bookkeeper perform payroll duties, they can also be proficient at taking stock for smaller businesses. This is not advisable for larger businesses due to it being a time-intensive process, however.

Ensuring that money only moves when you want it to move is critical to a successful business. A bookkeeper's duty is to monitor said money, and if any of it moves, they are the first to know and log it. 

While the bookkeeper is an invaluable part of any company, they ultimately have many tasks and responsibilities that confine them to the data gathering and compiling role, and that is what they are best at. Therefore, their work is best handed off to accounting services to analyse and make actual business plans.

Do I Need a Bookkeeper For My Small Business?

Yes. Absolutely. But just because you need a bookkeeper of some sort doesn't necessarily mean you need to hire a professional. Ultimately all of the things that a bookkeeper and accountant are responsible for are things you can do yourself with some study. But at the end of the day, it's a question of efficiency and safety. By offloading the time-consuming work onto a bookkeeper, you will be more available to run your business while safe in the knowledge that your financial foundations are secure and efficient.

If you would like to find out more information about our bookkeeping services in Wakefield, please give us a call on 01924 291 388 or send us an email through our contact form.