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Are you looking for payroll accountant services in Wakefield? We can help.

In today’s complex economic environment, where companies are often merging and taking on more employees and expanding the requirements of the HR departments, payroll delivery and functions can be very complicated. It is a challenge for HR employees to coordinate the correct payment amounts to specific schedules, and often this position relies on supervisors submitting information in the allotted time frame which does not always happen. 


In response to client needs and feedback, Wakefield Chartered Accountants  is dedicated to ensuring quality payroll accounting services as well as providing clients with financial management services and other advisory services.

To best meet the needs of our customers and adequately ensure correct payroll information is submitted to HR Revenue & Customs with real-time Information, utilising payroll software is extremely beneficial. This allows us to provide weekly, 4-weekly, and monthly payroll scheduling and delivery. 

The corresponding payslips and related forms are then emailed out to clients on schedule for clients to comply with the regulations under RTI. Monthly CIS returns can also be completed and submitted online.

We offer the following services:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Administrative Support
  • Payroll Outsourcing 
  • Management Reporting

Wakefield Chartered Accountants can provide specially tailored services to meet the needs of your company. Our highly-trained bookkeeping team is committed to providing quality services and can help set up and maintain financial accounting functions to ensure that your company can process financial information promptly. 

Similarly, our bookkeeping team can comply with local tax and accounting requirements to ensure management receives adequate and correct tax reports. Clients can benefit from our bookkeeping outsourcing services to increase the efficiency of financial services while reducing costs and risk exposure. 

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Real-Time Information for PAYE 

A new Real-Time Information system has been developed for PAYE and requires that employers and pension providers report to HMRC regarding any deductions at the time that payments are made, as opposed to reporting everything at the end of the year. This allows HMRC to access more current information from employers so that employees pay the amount of taxes every month because records will be updated more frequently.  

Workplace Pension Enrolment

It has long been a concern that many are not saving towards retirement which puts people at risk because they may not be able to afford the cost of living later in life. 

Workplace Pension Enrolment is a government initiative to promote retirement savings through pensions in the workplace. A lot of employees opt out of pension participation when their employer does offer pension benefits, but auto-enrolment ensures that employees are taking advantage of employer pension benefits. This initiative makes it compulsory for employers to enroll their employees into pension schemes as well as pay money into the scheme.

Does an accountant do payroll?

Accountancy is an incredibly versatile career path. There are so many applications of the skills and knowledge accountants possess that it beggars belief. It should come as no surprise then that our team of professional accountants is more than capable of the job.

With accountants often being general finance experts with an eye for detail and mathematical calculation, they are naturally suited to handling payroll services and many other services. It's not just raw calculative power and a meticulous mind that accountants possess; however, a good understanding of computer systems and accounting software is required too in order to keep track of all your employees' relevant financial details and other related information.

Furthermore, an accountant can do payroll, but they aren't necessarily limited to the role if you hire them. Depending on the job title, an accountant performing payroll services can extend their duties to overlap with other accounting services such as financial analysis, tax returns, VAT returns, bookkeeping services, and many more. 

What Are the Responsibilities of a Payroll Accountant?

Presuming you hire an accountant for payroll services. Regardless of what business type you are, be it sole traders or a limited company, there are several services we can perform for your business. 

Payroll accountants will work to ensure that your companies' financial statements are all in order. They do this by analyzing and proofreading the necessary reports before they submit them. With the aid of accounting software, accountants can do this with remarkable accuracy and can even form projections based on the information gathered. 

As the job title implies, payroll accountants can ensure that all of your employees are paid their fair dues. They also make sure that whatever is paid out follows whatever guidelines your business has set and make sure everything falls within the bounds of the law. 

With how closely intertwined an accountant is with the finances and cash flow of a business, they are in the best possible position to analyse and speculate things. Accountants can present these findings and speculations as reports to you, and with the aid of specialized software, they can help you find trends and patterns that may be of use to your business. 

Payroll accountants are perfectly capable of analysing the market to find potentially lucrative investments. As industry professionals themselves, accountants often have experience with such work, so rather than hire a specific professional investment firm, maybe consider having an accountant handle it?

Bookkeeping services are part and parcel when it comes to hiring an accountant. They are responsible for keeping a watchful eye on your books to ensure all transactions and accounts are safe and used efficiently and according to company policy. 

Financial accuracy and efficiency are the bread and butter of an accountant. When an accountant looks over your business's finances to check for accuracy, they may end up finding inefficient procedures and expenditures or unoptimized parts of the system. By analysing this information, accountants can help save money or increase profits by analysing this information and streamlining the system of your financial operations. 

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